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3. Sri Durga Saptasati (Chandi) (Paarayana &)Homa Vidhanam

No. of Pages: 534

Language: Telugu

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Our Sanatana Dharma allows various cults of worships, among which the Shakti cult is an important one. It is based on the text of “DurgaSaptasati”, an important part of MarkandeyaPuranam. The word “Saptasati” is derived from the count of lines of worship, a set of 700 statements. The “Mahashakti” manifested in three forms Maha Kali,Maha Lakshmi and MahaSaraswathi. The stories related to the killing of demons by the three manifestations and the subsequent prayers by the gods constitute the main text of the Saptasati. There are also other ancillary texts like Kavacham, Argalam, Kilakam etc. as part of the text. The book provides the text of DurgaSaptasati in formats suitable (i) for chanting and, (ii) for homam. The main and ancillary story portions are chanted by millions daily for pleasing the Goddess Durga, and for getting divine solutions for their personal problems. There are several active groups of devotees who perform Chandi Homam periodically, with at least once in a month. The book is highly useful to both the categories of people, viz., individuals working for material pursuits( Kamyas) and also individuals working for liberation through Nishkama marga.

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