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Course Title: Diploma Course on Sanskrit


Shri Veda Bharathi is conducting a teaching and training program for children and elders to learn Sanskrit language in a traditional way.

Course Duration:  one year

Number of Sessions: One Session of one hour per week; every monday evening.

Outcome Expected
The teaching of Sanskrit language will lead to improvement in the knowledge, performance, and behavior of the participants, and make them role models for others.

Beneficiaries: The country as a whole will be the first beneficiary for rediscovering its wealth of knowledge preserved in Sanskrit books.
The students will be the beneficiaries for getting first hand knowledge of their own well developed ancient society.
The scientists and technologists will have the technological advantage compared to others, because of the access to literature that has records of knowledge preserved from ancient times.

Introduction to Sanskrit language, broad description of the components of Sanskrit, Sabdas and their categories, viz., Ajanta (terminals with owels), Hal-anta (terminals with consonants), sarva naama, with universal application, representative words of different categories with seven forms of singular, binary and plural expressions, avyayas, formation of compound words (Samaasas), etc.

Case studies for deciphering the meanings of Sanskrit sentences- illustrations from Sundara kanda and Bala Ramayanam.

Significance of Sanskrit language

Bharat, that is India, is fortunate to have a structured language Sanskrit adopted from ancient times. The richness and greatness of this country lie mainly in the knowledge preserved for several millennia. The Vedas, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Vedangas, Darsanas, Kavyas, commentaries, philosophies, books of sciences, astronomy, mathematics etc. and thousands of other great works composed by great sages, saints and scholars are all in Sanskrit.

When a man likes to lead a cultured life, one has to acquire knowledge related to that aspect. Fortunately several great books are available in Sanskrit on every aspect of life. Only because of this reason, this country had visitors from several foreign countries for the past several thousands of years. It is a well structured and well reformed language with facilities to absorb words of different cultures and to create new compound words to describe any particular item or event.

Unfortunately, attempts for denigration of study of this great language were initiated and carried out during the foreign rule. Technologically it is proved to be the best language in the world for computerization. But our own children and even elders are not aware of the significance and the structure of this language.

In this background, attempts are made by several stalwarts and institutions for restoration of study of this language and for taking this subject again into every strata of life. As part of it, Shri Veda Bharathi is conducting a Diploma course in Sanskrit.

Faculty Name:

Dr. Remella Avadhanulu


M.Sc.(Nuclear Physics),M.A.,Ph.D.(Sanskrit),M.A.,Ph.D.(Jyotisha) D.Litt(Hon),
Deputy Director(Retd) (Computers), Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad


Shri Veda Bharathi is conducting teaching and training program for children and elders to learn the Sanskrit language in a traditional way. Individuals who are interested in joining the course can register below.

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