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Durga (Chandi) Saptasati Book Launch

  • 15 Aug 2020
  • 12 Sep 2020


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Shri Veda Bharati has launched the revised Durga (Chandi) Saptasati Book, 5th edition .Interested persons may please buy the book by placing their order in Google forms as per the link given below:

In ritualistic literature of Sanatana Dharma, the book “Durga(Chandi) Saptasati” tops the list and highly adored and chanted by millions of devotees, as part of sacrifice and penance. It is part of Markandeya Purana, with about 550 verses split into 700 holy stanzas.

Even simple recitation/ chanting of the stanzas is also believed to please the Goddess Durga, dispel the evils and fulfill the wishes of devotees. Simultaneously it also offers holy verses for solving varieties of problems encountered by people.

The present work is the 5th edition of the book “Durga Saptasati(Chandi) Homa Vidhanamu”, published by Shri Veda Bharathi (Public Charitable Trust) in Telugu, with 560 pages. Rs. 500 per copy.

Improvements over 4th edition:

  1. Compilation of Ashtottara Sata Naamavali (108 holy names of Goddess Durga)
  2. Compilation of Sapta sati Naamavali (700 holy names of Goddess Durga)
  3. Chapter wise stories of 13 chapters of the book
  4. Compilation of Specific stanzas for 30 varieties of wishes of devotees.

Payment Instructions: 10% Discount on purchase of 2 or more books

  1. Rs. 500 for each book (Including GST & Packing and shipping any where in India. ).
  2. if you are buying 2 or more books Shri Veda Bharathi would like to offer 10% discount on overall amount. Pls deduct discount at your end and upload the payment receipt below.
  3. you can pay using online net banking transfer or Google Pay
  4. Single book purchase Rs. 500. Pay Rs. 500 using using net banking of Using Google Pay


5.Multiple books = (Number of Copies X Rs. 500) - 10% discount

example: 4 books purchase

  • 4 X Rs. 500 = Rs.2000
  • discount 10% of Rs. 2000 is 200
  • deduct 200 that is Rs. 2000 - Rs 200 = Rs. 1800
  • Pay Rs. 1800 using using net banking of Using Google Pay

6. Upload receipt

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